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Digital Marketing

As we are heading towards a high tech world there is a note worthy switch in the modes companies sell their products. Digital promoting is one of the first steps for each and every micro and macro company.. For campaigning, marketing and illustration of any product virtual presentation is utmost requirement.

Web Design

We put forward a business remedy emphasizing crystal clear ideas on the customer’s need all on bargain basement.We are extremely peculiar website Development Company presenting leading edge web development services to lay out upper level customer service to the wide range of our clients.

Android/IOS Develpoment

TechJain is an omnibus of multi-skilled mobile application benefits in Bhopal. We come up with top grade quality IOS applications in short time span and appropriate costs. Our team is formed of learned individuals with application creating climate, APIs and SDKs. >

Bulk Sms Services

As it mentions indicatively to the sending of wide ranging number of SMS to phones of a prearranged receivers.Tech Jain facilitates services like sending and receiving bulk SMS with easy to use web portal,comprehensive APIs,plugins and more.

Consulting Services

Our intellectual team is excellent in providing consulting services to specific organizations, keeping in mind, what they need direly. We work with high standards plans and in such a strategic way so that one can produce high class products.

Web Hosting

Web hosting is a process of hiring and purchasing space to accommodate a website on the World Wide Web that permits companies and individual to post a website or web page onto the internet. Tech Jain provides this service in a budget friendly way.

Domain Registration

Domain name is the nucleus of any web project. Your domain name represents the important segment of any company’s foundation. Domain name registration is the procedure of registering a domain name, which pick out one or more IP addresses with a distinct name and use in URLs to single out specific websites. Tech Jain offers all domain extension in economical pricing.


At TechJain, we offer higher ranking quality business brains that qualify to make illuminated conclusions. Our skillful squad comprises white collar, technicalprofessionals, with managerial traits and available for long term and brief projects

IT Hardware and Softwarre Support

TechJain dispense custom IT hardware and software support and services to meet the requirements of different companies and organizations with calculated and tactical strategies.

Why hire us?

  • Working with zeal and collaborating with others is one of our greatest strengths. Our team will be equitably helping you to attain your desired aim.
  • Hiring us gives you tremendous amount of gains to make you attain your specific Goals.
  • We plan each and every aspect beforehand as per requirements and needs of our clients. During the process, we provide you daily updates through preferred modes of communication.
  • We are exploring new techniques of making the journey of any product development trouble free. Our join forces, preservation, and reformed services make your journey with us exhilarating.

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