About Us

About Us

Tech Jain IT Solutions, a native start-up company formed in 2022

Tech Jain's unified ingenious technologies consist of trademarked devices and operations refined over our extensive experience to offer numerous by- products that certify reliability expenditure control and business refinement

Our vision is to provide furnished and customized development solutions for esteemed macro firms to a micro-enterprise, with the choicest quality products and support services in cloud computing devops and IT operations.

TechJain concentrates on helping small setups to rekindle and stimulate their effortsfor the evolution of modern age by offering customers, wellplanned, productive services with everlasting relations.

Our Services

Our proficient squad


Manager (Administration and Operations)

Mr.Vaibhav, he has abundance of intellectual knowledge of crystal clear business intelligence services and customer gratification. He is our Manager (Administration and Operations) with considerable experience of 07+ Years, providing distinctive web solutions to diverse problems. Mr.vaibhav holds a Masters of technology (CSE) and successfully led teams of Developers, Designers and QAs, to deliver quality projects on time.

Mrs. Smriti

Technical Head

Mrs. Smriti, she works as our technical head. She is the true personification of innovative brains. She holds a masters degree in information technology. With her ample experience of 5 + years, gives her the practical and thoroughgoing approach towards life and propel her to fabricate and illustrate digital solutions for business refinement.

Mrs. Shikha

HR department head

Mrs. Shikha, a quintessential part of our squad, works as our human resource department’s head. She holds a masters degree in business administration and marketing and loves reading about technical advancements. With experience of 8+ years in respective discipline, she provides illuminated conclusions to develop high class products.

Mr. Tarun

Buisness Head

Mr. Tarun , is an outstanding figurehead ,with an extensive experience of about 10 years. He holds masters in business administration and marketing. As a business head in Tech Jain, he keeps creating innovative pathways for business assortment and extension.